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It's pronounced (neel sore-nah).

"Doing for the mind, what the body shouldn't."--NS

Hi there! We're going to put a few fun and games in here for you, like naughty wordgames [word puzzles, crosswords, and the like] for ADULTS ONLY and links to other fun stuff around the Web and around the Globe. --Neale.


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Free/No Charge Adult Stories:

NEW! The Freelancer [soft core]

Annie’s new temp, Ryan, with the fascinating ass, is great at his job, on his first day, but he’s driving her to distraction. She can’t get anything done.

When Annie works late and alone, to catch up on work, gorgeous Ryan returns in order to show her what he’s really freelancing in. 1000 words

Read: The Freelancer


NEW! Rough-Me Dot Com [harder soft core]

Dot com queen, Lara, runs an internet site for rough sex. Her own boring romantic life has her observing the online site communications of a client, named Will. She makes contact with him, as Dennie, one of her aliases, who "works for her."

When he decides he wants to meet "Dennie" in person, Lara puts herself in the perilous position, because rough stud Will make break her company, break her, and bust her cunt to pieces. 1000 words

Read: Rough-Me Dot Com


NEW! Tango With Me [harder core]

Elaine left Cleveland for Buenos Aires, Argentina the home of sultry Argentine Tango to learn from the best—a man, named “K,” she’s only seen in shadow and smoke in a documentary.

He’s not the man on the screen, a fiction; this is a living, dangerous man of sensuality, and a bit of cruelty. So is the Tango he teaches her, until she’s ready and had enough of fiction and the push and shove of dance, to find herself exposed before all and doing the “Horizontal Mambo” upright. 998 words

Read: Tango With Me


NEW! Dia's Coach (1) [hardcore teen sex]

Young Dia is a naughty cheerleader, who prefers older men and wants her team’s coach, Mr. Dean, for her lover. The man’s been strong; but, she always gets what, uh, who she wants.

When Dia comes to Mr. Dean’s home wearing nothing but lace and desire for him, he’ll switch gears and teach her what a man, not a boy, wants in his willing whore. 1047 wds

Read: Dia's Coach (1)


NEW! Dia's Team Bang (2) [hardcore sex, hardcore teen sex]

Cheerleader Dia's the only girl on a busload of horny boys, she can't stand, because their teacher / coach, Mr. Dean, is the man she'd open her firm thighs wide for anytime and anywhere, and already has, so he'd allow her to be "alone" with him, in back of the dark team bus, on the long, after game ride home.

But, Mr. Dean has a banging surprise planned for tender Dia, and for his winning, all-male team. There will be fun for all: sexy, young cheerleader Dia, his fit and well-deserving sports champions, their beloved coach, and even a big, surprise guest. 1084 wds

Read: Dia's Team Bang (2)

NEW!! Take the Orchid Games' "Are you Heartwild?" Quiz written by Neale Sourna and


"Heartwild Solitaire Classic"

Orchid Games' FREE GIFT to you, my friend: a classic solitaire game remade with beautiful art and music from the creative artists, writers, and programmers of "Heartwild Solitaire, The Author's Edition*" by Neale Sourna

FULL CLASSIC GAME for FREE! Includes 7 romance short stories.

We, at Orchid Games, asked seven fantastic romance authors to write great short stories for this title. And they came out just PERFECT and you will be able to READ THEM after WINNING A GAME OF SOLITAIRE.

Here's our list of stories and their authors:

* "Clarissa and Hastings" by Sherry Thomas

* "Fate" by Victoria Smith

* "Last Words" by Megan Hart

* "Price of Coffee" by Misty Simon

* "The Six Of Hearts" by Kimber Chin

* "Touchdown" by Natalie J. Damschroder

* "When You Least Expect It" by Dee Tenorio

Heartwild Solitaire: Book Two, The Author's Edition* NEW!! Update Gifts--Sweet Bonus Levels Available NOW!

New rules The game introduces new solitaire rules. More challenging but just as addicting. Bonus stages are also completely new and quite a brain teaser!

3x bigger With 280 levels this game will last 3 times as long as the first one.

Branching story At critical points you'll have a chance to pick how the story develops. With 4 different endings you'll have a chance to replay the game, choose a different path and experience new levels.

*Game story Written by Neale Sourna,includes spicy, adult themes.

Rated E for Everyone Version also available

Heartwild Solitaire, The Author's Edition*

The FIRST solitaire game with a romance story.

Romance Follow a story of Anne, as she leaves her old life behind and sets off to rediscover her true self. But then a man, dangerous kind, steps onto her path...

Tarot Through a Tarot spread see Anne's fate unfolding. Hand painted cards will guide you.

Solitaire Have fun with a relaxing, card-matching game. Unique bonuses and random card placement will keep you playing for hours. And if you dare, submit your best score to the online chart and compete with others!

*Game story Written by Neale Sourna, includes spicy, adult themes. Rated E for Everyone Version also available


The Secret of Margrave Manor at


Margrave Manor 2: The Lost Ship

search/puzzle game scripts; fun, character-filled stories by Neale Sourna

Neale Sourna's Game Writing and Design Store

INTERVIEWS for you to HEAR and READ at PIE: FREE Audio or at Download [MP3 & zipped .WAV]

READ Jordan Duke of ScriptCLEVELAND'S written informative INTERVIEW: Jan 2003, Neale Sourna's HOBBLE Handsome JD's HOBBLE rating: "compelling", "very sensual & spicy", "a terribly sexy, erotic, and guy friendly, um, romance".


NEW, EXCITING TALENT Available for Performance Bookings, Music Downloads, and Song Licensing and Love and Listen to the sounds of Armin Reynolds the ThunderManiac. Armin's music is broad spectrum of hip hop vast sub-genres. He is greatly influenced by his art background, and his gift of gab. He would use these talents on his debut album, Behind the Eyes of Armin Reynolds. This album is based on his musical development and life experiences told in metaphorical way. The album relives that period of time between late 1998 to 2003. During that time Armin was new college graduate, working various jobs, enjoying the nightlife and stumbling into a few dark and sometimes tragic moments. But this album marks his perseverance and determination to continue on in the face of adversity. Now that bring us to present were Armin has completed his second album and will be touring in the United States in summer of 2009. Purchase and Licensing at and more info at

Listen and love because "Backpacker's Don't Bounce" I am Raystar. I was born in Cleveland, Ohio. Making music has been my passion as well as my release for over 13 years now. My music is inspired by real people and events in my life. It’s not always serious and it’s not always silly, but it is always honest. I want my music to relate to people and inspire creative thought as well as just be something you put on when you can’t think of anything else to listen to. I have performed with Atmosphere and opened for Dr. Octagon. It has been said that I have a sound similar to Aesop Rock, Sage Francis, or Del The Funkyhomosapian. I think I have a sound all my own, but if that is what I remind people of at least I’m in good company. I currently have

Cameos by AKT/AKtion and D-Roof prove Raystar plays well with others. Thoughtful lyrics are his biggest asset, as Raystar refuses to fit into anyone’s mold, but instead creatively shapes his own. - Caye Burry Raystar's Latest MySpace Blog Entry [Subscribe to this Blog] raystar live @ solon arabica (view more) booking (view more) albums stonehenge diaries and Raystar Volume 1 and 2 out now web site (view more) RAYSTAR IN U.K. RADIO ROTATION 105.7FM (view more)


Link to We Choose the Moon, a real time replay with graphics and footage of the Apollo 11 moonflight and landing. One half billion people watched at home and in the streets, in July 1969, all over the world, including Soviet Russia, except Mao's Communist China.

Amy Atwell, Romance Author--Amy's Home Website, Amy at LinkedIn


Latin Soul from Music with Justo Saborit

Trenchoat Manifesto ENTER the Music and multimedia

List Free Ebooks across web [in English and other languages]

Graphic Personality Test, a color graphic Word .doc with explanations

Brain Test, zipped download .exe

FREE DOWNLOAD of "Bricks of Egypt"
From Real Arcade: Embark on a fantastic journey through an undiscovered Egyptian world of traps, lasers, fireballs and exciting brick-busting action. Beautiful graphics bring the ancient world to life, while mysterious challenges keep you on the edge of your seat. Plus, three unique difficulty settings mean anyone can play. Discover the strange secrets hidden in the Bricks of Egypt before they find you.

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THE MATRIX Comics Index
Connect into official "The Matrix" FREE online comics,
and keep freeing your mind.

And BUY THE MATRIX Comics in Print. Includes a FREE DOWNLOAD, too.

Biorhythm Game Match yourself with Keanu Reeves

Access printable online tests--ENTER--from
See if you match closer to George W Bush or The Dalai Lama or Dennis Kucinich.

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Games at Yahoo [Mostly clean. Darn.]


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